How Long Does a Kitchen Renovation Take?

Even if it is isolated from other rooms, such as the dining room, the kitchen is the busiest space in any home. Your kitchen is more than just a space to cook, but the heart of your family home. This means it’s important that you understand the significant disruptions caused by kitchen renovations to your daily life. How long exactly does it take to complete a detailed, safe kitchen renovation, though? Continue reading to find out!

How Big Is Your Renovation?

A lot of the home renovation shows on television make it appear that a complete kitchen transformation can be achieved in just a single day, however this is far from the case. Real life is not quite as quick. Depending on the size and detail of your renovation plans, a professional, experienced renovation crew may take anywhere from four to eight weeks. 

While something like installing new units and worktops is simple, and therefore a lot quicker, other things such as custom-build storage, repositioning large appliances, flooring or lighting will add major time onto the renovation.

Ensure You Get The Right Team

One of the most important things any homeowner needs to know before renovating is that one person cannot do all the work – that is a lot of skills for one person to have. It is perfectly fine for a firm to use subcontractors for specialty jobs such as plumbing, electricity, flooring and more, however, we recommend that you hire a reliable team. It is often difficult to ensure that subcontractors turn up on time which can put your schedules days (or even weeks) behind.

At Casabella Built, our team is highly skilled, and we can coordinate your renovation for you. By choosing us, you will only have one number to contact for all your questions and concerns. Depending on the scale of your renovation plans, our average work time is 6 weeks.

Image of a kitchen renovation timeframe and floor plan

A Detailed Kitchen Renovation Timeline

Clearing the Kitchen – 2 Days

This is possibly the biggest (and messiest) stage in the timeline for your kitchen renovation. In this stage, our team will remove the existing cabinets, flooring, tiles and all the fixed appliances. The skin will also be removed, if this is necessary, therefore any water and waste pipes will be sealed off. 

Once everything necessary has been removed, the crew will examine the walls and floor to ensure there is no structural damage and all gas and electrical supplies are safely sealed.

Initial Clean Up – 2 Days

During this stage, our team will do an initial clean and then carry our any necessary repairs, which may include patching holes, repairing floor damage, or removing any wiring or pipes that need replacing.

Custom Cabinet Building – 10 Days

This seems like a long time but rest assured that this process is completed at a specialty workshop and is scheduled to ensure its installation coincides with the completion of other necessary work.

Plumbing – 2 Days

Before proceeding, a plumber is required to make any changes to water or waste supplies for the sick and appliances.

Electrical Work – 2 Days

It is important that all electrical cables run to the correct positions for lighting, power points and appliances. On top of this, new channels might need to be made if the position of fixed appliances has changed.

Plastering – 2-4 Days

This stage ensures that any damaged surfaces are fit for use. Then dry wall may be installed to conceal pipes or other fittings.

Painting – 2-3 Days

Once the plaster has dried, the painters will come in, starting with a watery base coat before adding a few layers of your chosen colour.

Tiling – 2-3 Days

In a kitchen, the tiling is often quite minimal, and includes the splashback behind the sink and a protective layer behind the stovetop.

Flooring – 1-2 Days

Different types of flooring differ with installation times. For example, vinyl flooring may take only a few hours. On the other hand, stone, tile or wooden flooring will take a few days, more if the pattern is complex.

Installation – 4-5 Days

After flooring is installed, the team will fit the cabinets, worktops and install your fixed appliances. All of the appliances, power points and lights will be connected and tested, and the painter will touch up any areas damaged during the installation process.

Inspection – ½ Day

To comply with local regulations, you will need to have an inspection to ensure that any electrical, gas or plumbing work is up to standard.

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