The Best Kitchen Countertops for Every Kitchen

The most essential item in every kitchen are your countertops – these are not just vital functionally, but they will add to the overall look you are aiming to achieve with your renovation. Having a beautiful benchtop will give you an elegant and chic space to cook, no matter the size of your space. Whether you’re in a studio apartment or a mansion, we cannot recommend investing in your countertops more.

Your choice of countertops is an important aspect of your kitchen. The wrong choice can have a negative affect on your kitchen’s aesthetic and functionality. If you don’t choose one that is durable, you will have difficulty using the kitchen smoothly and the way you want to. 

When considering what countertop to choose for their homes, many renovators look towards current trends. The only negative of following trends is that they come and go, so eventually the countertop you choose will go out of fashion eventually

Here is our list of Melbourne’s top 8 trending benchtops

Engineered Stone Benchtops

Image of an engineered stone benchtop

Engineered stone benchtops are one of the best choices you can make – they are the perfect mix of durability and natural elegance that everyone will love. These benchtops are made from quartz or other naturally occurring components with synthetic polymer resins.

These man-made benchtops are perfect for those who are on a budget as they are low-cost and are long-lasting. Engineered stone benchtops are resistant to stains and scratches due to their non-porous nature. This also means they do not grow mold or mildew. 

Engineered White Benchtops

Image of an engineered white benchtop

If you are looking for a minimalistic styled kitchen, then look no further than engineered white benchtops. While their popularity is debated, they have been popping up on the interest for a while now. 

Debates about aesthetics aside, if you’re looking for a minimalistic kitchen, we suggest that you look into these engineered white countertops.

Natural Granite Stone Benchtops

Image of a natural granite stone benchtop

Natural granite stone benchtops are very unique – however, it seems this is what is drawing many homeowners in. The granite’s distinctive pattern and texture comes from its grainy texture which many homeowners appear to be loving right now.

On top of their aesthetics, these benchtops are resistant to both heat and pressure, though sudden changes in temperature and pressure may cause some damage. 

The downfall of these beautiful benchtops is their price. If you’re on a strict budget, you might not be able to choose this benchtop for your home.

Natural Marble Benchtops

Image of a natural marble benchtop

If you have the option of choosing more expensive countertops, then you need to look at natural marble benchtops. These benchtops have been popular ever since people began putting thought into their kitchen benchtop. 

While natural marble benchtops are a durable option, they are sensitive to acidic foods due to their softness in comparison to other natural stones. Because of this sensitivity, it is important that you maintain these benches properly, this includes resealing the benchtop annually. 

Concrete Benchtops

Image of a concrete benchtop

This benchtop option is a new trend that is gaining traction every day. It’s popularity is due to its resilience, durability, and the fact that, with the addition of polish, concrete can mimic the appearance of natural stones of glass finishes. 

These benchtops are perfect for those looking for an affordable yet beautiful benchtop option. 

Metal Benchtops

Image of a metal benchtop

Recently, it appears that metal benchtops have made their way into homes due to their popularity and stability in commercial kitchens. Their use in commercial kitchens was due to the extreme resilience and durability.

As they are made from metal, these benchtops are also very low maintenance and therefore popular among young men and in bachelor pads. 

Laminate Benchtops

Image of a laminate benchtop

Laminate benchtops have recently become very trendy among kitchen renovations. What was once an economical surface is now a top-tier surface. This benchtop is not only inexpensive, but it is long-lasting, with the new addition that they can mimic the aesthetic appeal of expensive natural stones. 

More so than this aesthetic shift from past decades, laminate continues to be favoured due to their incredibly low prices. 

Wood/Timber Benchtops

Image of a wood benchtop

Wooden benchtops are making a comeback in recent years. What was once popular in the twentieth century has started popping up in homeowner’s kitchen remodels due to the rising popularity in warm tones and natural products. Many homeowners are beginning to believe that wooden benchtops are quaint additions to their kitchens. 

If you are trying to better care for the environment, then you will love these benchtops. Unfortunately, they do need a lot of maintenance as they are sensitive to water. 

All of these benchtops are great options, so it is important you do your research before making any decisions.